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Small and medium businesses are in a strange spot: they are just as vulnerable to breaches and breakdowns as big companies, but don’t always have the right internal teams to be secure. That’s where Access One comes in. They manage SMB IT with everything from solving problems to managing the whole department. Their site needed to radiate competence and empathy.

We created a conversion-oriented website that emphasized both their core services and, almost as importantly, the outcome of those services. The site is focused on their clients: their concerns, their needs, and what keeps them up at night. We crafted a site that answered questions small and medium businesses need to be asking.

In the site redesign, we streamlined the navigation options to become much more user-centric. By consolidating overlapping options and redundant services, we made a site that was clear, comprehensible, and clean. The design, which is competent and welcoming, consistently re-emphasized that message.

Access One removes IT worry for their clients. We gave them a site just as confident.


We implemented a bolder, more engaging look that grabs your attention, emphasizes the branded green and blue while incorporating dark backgrounds for a more serious tone. This styling helps visitors instinctively understand their technology is safe and secure with Access One.

New Responsive Website Designs

Above are page layouts with full-screen image backgrounds and diagonal elements that visually pull your eyes from top to bottom. Strategic content is placed with pops of green to pull the branding through the design. Custom icons and background illustrations were added for texture and interest. This look will appeal to CEOs, CTOs, and executives interested in purchasing IT Management Solutions.

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