Good design solves real-world problems.

For RATIO Architects—an innovative firm designing built environments and spaces—their website needed to be a testament to the caliber of their of design and show off their work. Orbit solved this problem for RATIO by creating a custom portfolio page with an easy-to-navigate grid-layout. Take a tour of the website and experience RATIO.

Web Services

Wishlist Item Granted: Quick Digital Brochures

RATIO wanted the ability to quickly curate digital meeting snapshots and share with their clients via hidden URLs, so we built a tool to do just that.

Talk about a design challenge! Orbit is particularly proud of this behind-the-scenes tool we built for RATIO Architects. It allows internal team members to quickly pull together meeting notes, photos, 3D animation files, PDFs, headshots of designers involved, related projects in the same market, industry research, contact info, and the client’s logo with a consistent overall look matching the main website. The hidden URLs can be sent to clients and tracked for success through Google Analytics. This feature was the basis for the entire modular design style of the site with interchangeable blocking of photography and purposefully breaking the layout into thirds.

Customized User Experience

Perfect for the customer with specific needs. Oh wait! That covers most users. Orbit’s faceted search makes it easy.

Even though RATIO Architects is a multi-faceted architecture and design firm with many markets and disciplines, some people are only interested in one!  Orbit designed and built a site that showcases their beautiful work with the option to customize the experience by type of market, discipline or category in work, people and industry research. Try it for yourself!

Gorgeous, Darling.

Not all full-fluid sites are created equal. Luckily, RATIO Architects knows how to photograph and it shows.

Full-fluid websites can be absolutely beautiful when authentic, immersive, high-quality video and photography is created. Orbit was thrilled to work with the assets RATIO provided to create an engaging and vibrant site. It makes a huge difference in terms of user trust and brand credibility when you are showcasing the best of the best imagery.

RATIO’s marketing strategy team keeps the quality of content and photography at such a high level on all social networks – it’s impressive. Follow @ratio_design on Instagram – you wont be disappointed.

Check out the slick instagram feed on their homepage. Life at RATIO looks very inviting!

2015 American Graphic Design Award Winner

The American Graphic Design Awards honor outstanding new work of all kinds and across all media. Just under 10,000 entries were submitted and a very highly selective 15 % are recognized.

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