rEvolution is a unique marketing firm, leveraging sports to move the needle for brands. We designed a site to move their needle.

rEvolution understands that today’s marketing strategies need energy and excitement, and that often comes from being paired with influencers. rEvolution partnered with Orbit to update their existing website so that it would be a better reflection of their brand. Exciting hero images and case studies created an immediate demonstration to visitors of what it felt like to work with rEvolution.

But any marketing company is about the people that work there, their passion, and their experience. We wanted the site to prominently feature rEvolution’s team members, so that clients would know the type of people they would be working with. We also provided an emphasis on case studies, showcasing the breadth of their work.

All of this was created in a dynamic, responsive, conversion-oriented site that began the process of getting new clients. We wanted them to move down the funnel…or, more fittingly, the sales and marketing halfpipe.

Image-Centric Case Studies

rEvolution provided an amazing catalog of photography for each of their case studies. This allowed Orbit to design a highly visual website that prominently featured the beautiful photography from their events. Check out rEvolution’s case studies here.

Mobile Friendliest

Each section of the rEvolution website was designed and developed to respond on mobile and tablet devices. Users can continue to engage with rEvolution’s case studies, blog and videos on any device.

Filterable Team Pages

rEvolution has a large team of experts so they needed an easy way to filter. Using category filters, Orbit was able to design a team landing page that allowed users to search through the team members by department.

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