Kemper Foundation

The Kemper Foundation sets scholars up for a better life. Their new site sets them up for success

The James S. Kemper Foundation helps future business leaders prepare and plan for a successful life. They help young people find the best fit for their life. Their new site had to be professional and youthful, forward-looking and easy-to-use. It had to match their ethos.

We knew that for this site to be successful was had to make it relatable to potential scholars. To do so, our design emphasized people and testimonials. We wanted a visitor to see themselves as a Kemper scholar. We wanted them to be able to envision their future with Kemper, and thus their long-term future.

The key conversion was Apply Now, and that call to action was placed strategically throughout the site. Our UX created clear paths throughout, whether you were ready to jump in at the top or need to be convinced by a peer testimonial a scroll-depth lower. Kemper is changing lives, and we were proud to improve their site.

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