25 Content Marketing Musicians

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Andy Crestodina

Marketing has always been a creative field. It attracts a lot of interesting people with diverse talents. I know marketers who are bakers, bowlers, and beekeepers. But you’d never know it reading their blogs.

Here’s a side of marketers you don’t often see. The musical side. Let’s take them completely out of context and see them onstage, behind microphones, in front of cameras.

This is a roundup of marketers that has nothing to do with marketing. This is a roundup of marketers who rock …literally.

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Comments (4)
  • well said.. 🙂

  • Well, I’m not sure how I feel about being a “break from the regular content” as commented below (sort of the comic relief, or the goofy little brother to the serious main act)… nonetheless, I am honored to be included. I also still hope that more people employ music in their content efforts and not just after work. Most content, particularly in the B2B realm, is still just too damn similar and, well, boring…

  • Hi Andy,

    That is an amazing idea. I had no idea that so many content marketers out there were also musicians! :=)

    I was quite impressed with John Bonini’s recording and your very nice piece on the piano Andy. I’ve played for 10 years myself so… love it :=)

  • Hey Andy–
    Loved this break from the regular content. Especially the Twitter Blues. I play blues harmonica, sometimes with a band.

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