Shopify Web Designers

Combine great design with content strategy to build your conversion-focused digital storefront.

Every page on your Shopify website should be designed to promote action by your visitors. Whether you are looking to launch a new Shopify website or improve your current digital store, our Shopify design experts create fully-integrated concepts that fuse design, content, and strategy.

Spur action, educate buyers and drive improved sales with our team of Shopify design and development experts. A Shopify website built with our expertise enhances your brand, brings visitors to your website, and converts them into customers.

Get more customers through SEO

Increasing conversions starts with attracting the right customers to your ecommerce website. Orbit’s expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), analytics, and keyword research help your website rank.

By combining our expertise in research and analysis, you can outrank competitors and improve sales.

Compel buyers with conversion-oriented design and content

We focus on content creation and Shopify web design to offer you a comprehensive conversion content strategy. Set your website apart from the competition with a user-friendly, visually compelling, and high-ranking digital store.

Our Shopify website designers create strategic designs and content to drive conversions.

Guide your customers to act with expert UX

A simple and intuitive user experience delights customers, showcases your products, and guides users to purchase. Our Shopify web designers consider every aspect of a user’s experience on your ecommerce website and build on your brand and content strategy to help customers take action.

Whether it’s a custom Shopify theme or a Shopify template, we create a personalized Shopify user experience that drives customer engagement.

Shopify Website Design Projects

Migrate to Shopify with no drop in sales

Switching the platform that powers your ecommerce store can be risky. Unless, of course, you have the right Shopify web design company by your side. Orbit’s design experts anticipate and overcome challenges in the Shopify migration process, so you can rely on sales continuity through change.

We’re experts in ecommerce website migration. Our technical team makes sure your sales don’t miss a beat by:

  • Understanding your sales order flow and fulfillment processes
  • Ensuring the full product catalog is migrated including metadata and redirects
  • Assisting with app suggestions based on the existing website or new requirements
  • Enabling the store configurations and settings for shipping, tax, and gateways
  • Conducting functional testing and browser testing

When migrating ecommerce platforms, you need an expert design team that is flexible and responsive.

That’s the team at Orbit.

Gain access to the full suite of Orbit expertise

Working with Orbit gets you more than Shopify web design expertise. Orbit clients have access to our comprehensive services, including:

  • Search-Engine Optimized (SEO) content
  • Data-driven analysis of user personas
  • UX-focused layouts and conversion funnels
  • Expertise on design templates, formats, and best practices
  • Custom Shopify web design and development to create a personalized customer experience
  • Ongoing conversion optimization

Orbit gives you a unique, brand-focused Shopify design strategy that turns shoppers into buyers.

Let’s build that strategy together


Revitalize your digital storefront with Shopify

Are you ready to improve conversions with a personalized Shopify web design? Collaborate with us to create an ecommerce site built with conversion-focused design and content in mind.

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