Persona Research

A successful website is a website that engages visitors and encourages them to take action.

But to create an engaging website, designers need to know who will be using the site. Then they can create designs and copy that reach your target audience.

Understanding your visitors

Web personas help teams create content and designs that meet the needs of a very specific group of visitors.

Personas help identify the motivations, challenges and expectations of your target audience. Knowing who you’re trying to reach makes sure you can answer their top questions and compel them to buy.

Identifying motivations, hopes & dreams

Get to know your visitors personally.

Visitors are represented by personas, who are based on archetypes of real people. They have names, titles, dreams and wishes. And just like the people they’re based on, personas have real needs.

Building your site to meet the needs of your personas takes the guesswork right out of your site. This is what the Orbit team does best.

Answer visitors’ top questions

Understand what people really want and need.

Web personas help teams create content and designs that meet the needs of a very specific group of visitors. Once your team knows what people are looking for, they can get to work creating a very targeted experience.

Targeted content eliminates doubt and gains the trust of your visitors.

Research-driven empathy

Personas define site requirements.

Developing your site for the people who use it ensures content and design are relevant for your audience. All features, content, navigation, layout and design are targeted to your specific visitors.

This technique helps maximize ROI and conversion.

Effective & tailored user experience

Personas drive decisions around design, content and usability.

Knowing who will engage with the site helps the design team determine layout, CTA placement and navigation. And it’s easier to justify design decisions and content requirements when they’re created to meet the needs of a very targeted visitor.

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