Project Management for Websites is a Science

Producing hundreds of full lifecycle website projects using the Orbit website process smoothly is a tribute to our experienced project management team.
  • Our project managers lead teams of experienced specialists through a methodology that is proven to build successful websites.
  • Each project uses a customized version of the methodology based on the goals and features of that specific client.
  • Every project uses a custom set of management tools to keep projects on track and provide a lasting history for us to learn from and adapt.
  • The result is an incredible book of work which grows our experience and reputation with current and future clients.

The Value of Experience

We specialize in a web strategy that minimizes risk and maximizes results. Experienced web project management, a systematic web design process, customized features, stable hosting, and a strong support team ensure your return on investment.

A few things that separate us from the rest:

  • Our requirements gathering is done by a web strategist, not a sales person.
  • Our projects are run by experienced web project managers, not account managers.
  • Our web design and development teams built sites together and are all in-house, not outsourced to another company.
  • Our focus is on long term relationships, not just the project.

The Right Tools for the Job

To facilitate our project approach, Orbit has built a set of web management tools customized to the needs of our projects and clients. These tools:

  • Manage project schedules to achieve deadlines
  • Document both Orbit’s and the clients’ responsibilities
  • Share deliverables and document approvals
  • Control scope and manage budget
  • Ensure good communication and set solid expectations

Great Service to All of Our Clients

We treat every client as a unique experience with the sole purpose of serving them.

  • Our project managers work like they are a member of your team.
  • Our team hopes to contribute significantly to your success.
  • We strive to be your web partner, accountable until the next version of your website.