Travel Website Design

Travel—an immersive experience and an online business.

We all do online research before taking a vacation. And because some of us spend hours researching a trip before finally booking it, web design plays a critical role.

A travel website’s photography, writing and navigation all influence which trip gets reserved. More than with most industries, web design is absolutely crucial to the travel business.


Make Your Site Picture Perfect

Text can only go so far in describing a travel experience. Photos make all the difference because showing is better than telling. A great travel site features easy-to-use photo galleries with big, beautiful images.

Include Navigation for Navigators

People who want to travel start with an idea. Some may browse for a specific type of trip (kayaking, relaxing, etc.), others may search for specific dates (i.e. February), and some put location first (Grand Canyon, Paris, etc.). All of these ideas share one commonality: They come from goal-oriented visitors.

This type of visitor wants easy access to the right information, and grows frustrated when that doesn’t happen. That’s why travel web design must offer several ways to navigate: by date, location, activity, cost, and more.

Let our travel website design build a sense of adventure, and make your visitor feel like the trip has already begun.

Set your business apart with design and theme

In designing your site, we prioritize three things: making it user friendly, look fantastic, and be easy for you to maintain. Additionally, we focus on making the overall design match the theme and tone of the travel experience.

Is the travel you share romantic, adventurous or family friendly? In the first seconds visitors spend on your site, they’ll start forming opinions about it based mostly on the design. So use that design to convey the vacation experience.

Make reserving online (or contacting you) easy

Give your visitors a convenient way to take action on your site—either through contacting you or booking a trip online. You’ve answered their questions and helped them research, so this next step offers a great opportunity to expertly funnel the the visitor into a customer.

Set goals and track your website data

Travel sites are constantly evolving, so be ready to adapt. Just don’t make changes without solid data.

Our travel website design implements Google Analytics on your site, and we teach you how to track where visitors on your site our coming from, what they look at, and where they go afterward. You can use this information to evaluate your type of visitors—and then focus on ways to turn them into leads.

As you know, vacation planners are excited and looking forward to their next adventure. Help them have a seamless time researching and booking their trip.

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