Get Ahead in Healthcare Digital Marketing: How to Future-Proof Your Email Campaigns and Website

Why do some healthcare companies attract an online audience so much faster than others?

What are the secrets of B2B and B2C healthcare companies that are outshining you in the digital space?

Learn why in this webinar hosted by Andy Crestodina and Ahava Leibtag. And we’re talking about actionable takeaways; no fluff!

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About the Speakers: Ahava Leibtag

About the Speakers: Ahava Leibtag

Ahava R. Leibtag has more than 20 years of experience in writing, messaging and marketing. She is a well-recognized content expert and writes thought leadership about content strategy and content marketing. Ahava is the President and owner of Aha Media Group, a content strategy and content marketing consultancy founded in October 2005. In 2020, Ahava was inducted into the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame as an Innovative Individual. She is the author of The Digital Crown: Winning at Content on the Web.

About the speaker: Andy Crestodina

About the speaker: Andy Crestodina

Co-Founder/CMO, Orbit Media, a Certified B Corp since 2013

Andy Crestodina is a top-rated speaker and keynote presenter at national conferences. He’s the author of Content Chemistry: The Illustrated Guide to Content Marketing. His practical approach to teaching and training uses simple explanations to demystify tough content marketing, SEO, social media and analytics topics. You can find Andy on LinkedIn and Twitter.