Combining Knowledge and Sales To Protect People From Radiation

The people at Landauer create best-in-class radiation detection and prevention products to protect doctors, troops, first responders, and so many more. They needed a site that helped promote their products, facilitate sales, and make people aware of how to stay safe.

Our new site design had two primary goals: lead people toward Landauer products so they could request a quote, and promote a knowledge center. Each of their hundreds of products was presented with the certifications, specifications, and usages to facilitate sales and move customers down the funnel, and was clearly linked to the appropriate resources. The Knowledge Center itself was presented with simple filters so users could drill down to the information they found most helpful.

Multiple log-ins for different kinds of users were presented in a clean and easy way, fitting the site’s overall goal. We want to make it easy for people to find the products and information they absolutely need, boosting Landauer’s sales while heightening their industry reputation as a true thought leader.

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