The name Mary Cook exudes an air of sophistication and elegant interior design. Orbit’s task was to translate Mary Cook’s elegant aesthetic into a fitting website.

The design was pulled back and made minimal to let the stunning photography and highly engaging visuals take prominence. Simple grays, an accent of the Mary Cook signature yellow, along with abundant white space was all it took to push this design to the level of sophistication worthy of the Mary Cook name.

Minimal Design. Maximum Elegance.

By subduing the left navigation and pushing the white space, the user can focus their experience more on the beautiful imagery, like this header image, and less on a busy text-heavy content area. As seen here, even the sidebar elements exercise the highest levels of minimal design. They are in an open white space and separated from the body content only by a thin subtle vertical line.

Mobile-First Approach.

As always, Orbit approached the Mary Cook design with a mobile-first mentality. Our priority was to have the images showcased as nicely and as cleanly as possibly on a mobile platform. This would be essential for the custom Look Book section, as well as any photograph-heavy area.

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