Groundbreaking human nature and robust capabilities make ALEX the most sophisticated employee communication platform in the universe. Jellyvision needed a platform that showed it off.

Through the power of casual conversation, ALEX guides users through health and financial decisions that are generally considered complicated or confusing. Orbit Media designed a site that reflected the marriage of technological sophistication and an easy UX. The solution came through the integration of actual client testimonials, custom illustrations and raw data highlighting real results. The new site provides a framework that is easy to update, interact with, and simple for users to learn more about ALEX is and how it can benefit their company.

Blobbies in the palm of your hand.

Every product, article, and case study can be accessed from any device, anywhere.

The new ALEX website was designed to be fully responsive so users could easily take in the personality of the products being offered, regardless of the device they are using. Whether it is a video explaining the interaction a user has with ALEX or a testimonial from a satisfied client, the new framework will accommodate all content throughout the site.

Real people. Real results.

Case studies from the actual employees that use ALEX showcase the value it provides.

One of the main goals was to humanize the site overall; much like the actual experience a user has when interacting with ALEX. No stock photography or illustrations were used and all testimonials came directly from the clients. The case study section of the site quickly displays the numerous clients that ALEX has worked with and the ways in which their employees and bottom line have benefited from it.

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