With hundreds of products for automotive, marine, multisurface, and more, Gold Eagle needed one thing from their new ecommerce platform: an easy way for consumers to find their products, check out, and hit the road.

Gold Eagle has a nationally-recognized suite of products for nearly every kind of motor, and that presents a challenge when setting up an ecommerce site. Consumers don’t want to click a hundred times trying to find what is right for them. So we designed a site with clear, customer-focused navigation that enabled quick conversions the first time.

Whether a customer was looking for the least expensive metal polish or a specific brand of small-engine performance enhancer, Gold Eagle’s new site helped them find it easily. From here on out, it’s smooth running.

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An ecommerce site is more than just the face of your digital storefront. It’s also the inventory lists, invoicing systems and payment gateways behind the scenes. Our team can help you integrate your systems and win more customers.

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