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New Readers Press

New Readers Press has been helping adults with English literacy and basic education skills for over four decades. They needed a new, easily filterable site to showcase the breadth of original publications and test preparation materials they have to offer.

As part of our full-site redesign, we completely reconfigured News For You – the New Readers Press weekly news publication that teaches users to read, write, speak and understand the English language. Separate audio files for each sentence allow users to hear an entire article, and tooltips have been integrated throughout each story to define important vocabulary terms. Custom exercises, crossword puzzles and word searches have also been incorporated into every story to create an engaging and holistic educational experience.

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Click-to-Read Audio

Have the entire article read to you, or listen to each sentence individually.

Every News for You article has been developed to accommodate audio for each sentence to help the audience hear how the words should be spoken. This along with tooltips highlighting important vocabulary words, community commenting, and article exercises help create a truly unique educational experience.

Fully Responsive and Filterable Catalog

Easily find the series or product you need for your students from any device.

Whether you are a teacher in need of an entire class set, or a student looking for an enticing story to read, the new News For You filtering system allows users to quickly narrow down the entire NFY catalog. Additionally, users can easily access the catalog from the palm of their hand as the site fluidly responds to any device.

Custom Exercises and Teacher Resources

Prepare for exams with questions after each article or through recommended group activities.

Students can practice their reading comprehension skills by answering the interactive questions affiliated with each article. Multiple choice, true/false, and drag-and-drop features are just some of the ways students can prepare themselves for HSE exams. Additionally, News for You comes filled with group exercises that teachers can adapt for their classrooms to ensure their students are getting the most out of each reading.

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