A historic farm with legendary dairy products needs a site that reflects its commitment to both tradition and progress. Maytag Dairy Farm’s new ecommerce site says “cheese.”

Maytag Dairy has been around for over 75 years, but they’ve never stood still. When Orbit Media designed their new site, we took their customer-first philosophy to create an easy-to-use ecommerce platform that provided recipes, information and easy ways to shop. Customers could get all the products they need, and recipes to learn the best ways to enjoy them.

A clear and crisp design evoked the hard work that goes into running a farm, all geared toward a conversion-oriented experience. We are proud to help a family farm keep moving forward.

Homepage Before & After

Each page makes the decision easier

By placing recipes and ideas on each ecommerce page, the product is transformed from a cost into a meal, from a decision into an event.

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An ecommerce site is more than just the face of your digital storefront. It’s also the inventory lists, invoicing systems and payment gateways behind the scenes. Our team can help you integrate your systems and win more customers.

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